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It is  a well-known fact that athletes are prone to injuries - worse still recurring injuries.  Injuries weaken the body, which leads to poor performance.  Therefore, staying 100% fit is of vital importance to any sportsperson.


Many competitive athletes suffer from what is known as 'overuse syndrome'.   Sportspersons who perform repetitive movements oftern end up with tight, overused muscles that become vulnerable to pulls and sprains, and underused muscles that progressively get weaker.  It is the classic syndrome that countless athletes experience at various points in their careers.


In a working life spanning over eight decades, Yogacharya BKS Iyengar taught serveral sportspersons, right from Professor D B Deodhar, the grand old man of Indian cricket, to the willow-and-wicket genius, Sachin Tendulkar, the finer points of yoga.  With Iyengar's in-depth understanding of the human body and psyche, accompanied by his vast experience and extensive interactions with sportspersons, sports scientists and trainers, he adapted specific yogic techniques for athletes.


Yoga For Sports shows how yoga can train the mind and body and help sportspeople become more agile, stronger and focused.  Incorporating yoga in their daily life will give them balance, strength and incredible flexibility and help immensely in prevention and treatment of injuries.


Anyone, from any walk of life from age 8 to 80, can dip into this book and find something of value that they can use to enhance and enrich the quality of their health and well being.

Yoga for Sports


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