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"Regular practice of yoga can help you face the turmoil of life with steadiness and stability."
                                                                      - B.K.S. Iyengar


How often should I come to class?

As often as you like. At least once a week is recommended. You need to attend regularly to make progress.

Do I need my own mat?

This is not necessary. All equipment is provided, though some students prefer to bring their own. Mats and other yoga props are for sale at reception and our Online Shop, for use in class or for practice at home. We suggest you bring your own towel if you are a sweaty person.

What should I wear?

Wear clothes that allow you to move freely. Avoid anything baggy or too long: it’s important you and the teacher can see your knees and feet. Most people wear shorts or leggings and a T-shirt. Yoga is always practiced barefoot.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes. To avoid overcrowding, we limit numbers. You can make online booking via our website. Our monthly schedule is released on the 15th of the previous month.  You can book your classes for the whole of the following month.  If you are unable to come, please cancel your booking at least three hours before the class starts, to allow time for students on the waitlist to prepare and attend.

Can I eat before class?

Yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach, so leave at least 3 hours after a main meal, or 2 hours after a snack.

Need to have Leave Home Safe and Vaccine Pass to enter the studio?

Pursuant to the Government’s announcement on 20 March 2022, all persons aged 12 or above must scan the Leave Home Safe QR code and use the Vaccine Pass to enter specified premises (including fitness centres), unless they are exempted.  Person-in-charge of the premises will carry out inspection in accordance with the requirements. 
According to the Vaccine Pass implementation schedule, for persons aged 18 or above, currently they are required to have received the 1st dose of Covid-19 vaccine. From 30 April to 30 May 2022, they are required to have received the 2nd dose. Starting from 31 May 2022, they are required to have received the 2nd dose (if within 6 months from 2nd dose) or the 3rd dose (if after 6 months from 2nd dose). 
For other cases (including those aged below 18 and recovered persons etc) and further details, please refer to the Government's Vaccine Pass website and the latest Government announcements . 

Yogasala hk FAQ

In order to make your yoga practice more enjoyable, we also suggest:

Class packages

If you are considering buying a package of classes, please note there is an expiry date. It is listed on our rates page for your easy reference, or you can check with our teachers.

Entering the premises / studio

During weekends and public holidays, the main entrance of the building will be closed. Please enter through the carpark just next to the main entrance.

Special weather

Classes will be canceled if typhoon signal number 8 or above is hoisted or a black rainstorm warning is issued. Classes will return to normal 3 hours after the typhoon signal or rainstorm warning has been lowered.

Your health condition and consultation of suitable classes

All new students are required to complete a health declaration form.

It is beneficial to inform your teacher before class if you are menstruating, or you have an injury (new or old) or other special physical conditions, as some asanas will need to be modified for your well-being and comfort.
If you wish to visit our studio for further enquiry, it is available 15 minutes before or after each class. We can also arrange other time slots upon request. 

Whether you are an experienced or a new student, you are advised to discuss privately with your class teacher whether the class you wish to attend is suitable.

Etiquettes for yoga classes

Please leave your shoes on the shoes rack just outside the studio to keep the cleanliness and hygiene of the studio. 

It’s best to come at least 10 minutes before a class begins. We understand that students may be late because of unexpected events or conditions such as traffic jams, etc. In such cases, please enter the studio as quietly as possible and join the class after the invocation is finished.
Turn off your phone as it can disrupt your concentration and that of other students.  
Please keep jewelry to a minimum, and avoid wearing strong perfumes. 
Yoga is an inward process.  Keep casual conversation before and during class to a minimum.
No food is allowed to be brought into the classroom for cleanliness consideration.
It is suggested not to drink water during practice as it disturbs the fluid flows in the organs. Diabetes and pregnancy are exceptions. 
Please avoid stepping on other students’ yoga mats.  It is a courtesy we extend to each other in a classroom, as a mat is regarded as the home of a yoga practitioner.  
Please clean your mat after class with the sterilizing spray provided by the studio, and return the props back to the props room at their designated places to help maintain the tidiness of the classroom. Props are an important part of our practice and for the shared use of all students, so please handle them with care. 

If you need to leave earlier than the scheduled time, please notify your teacher before the class begins.


If you have any enquiries, you are most welcome to contact us by email, phone or WhatsApp.  Our teachers stand ready to provide assistance.

Yogasala hk Make your yoga practice mor enjoable
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