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How to prepare for online yoga classes:

First time to join a yoga class online? Here are some practical tips to help you get started. 

  • Clear the background which will be captured by the camera as much as possible.

  • Have your blankets and basic props ready. Don’t worry if you don’t have these handy, as you can make smart use of various household items - a belt in place of a yoga strap, thick and compact books in place of yoga blocks etc.  If you eventually want to have authentic props for classes or home practice, you’re welcome to visit and purchase from our Online Shop.

  • Let your family members know that you are going to attend an online yoga class so they can leave you in peace as far as possible.  Or, they are most welcome to join together and have a taste of Iyengar yoga!

  • Switch off the notification function on your mobile device or computer, so you can fully immerse in your yoga class.

  • Please sign up at least 30 minutes before your class starts, through the usual means of the Mindbody App or via our Website.  

  • 15 minutes before the class starts, we will send you the Zoom meeting link, meeting ID and passcode through WhatsApp. Just click on the meeting link or input the meeting ID and passcode, you will be connected to the scheduled class.

  • Choose the “Full Screen” mode to enable clearer display throughout the teaching process.   

How to use the Zoom App for classes 

  • Download the “Zoom cloud meetings” App to your mobile device or computer, and test your access well before class starts. Note that it should be equipped with camera and audio functions and have been turned on, so that you can see and hear your teacher clearly. 

  • During the class, your teacher will mute all students for better audio reception.

  • If you have questions during the class, you may click the 'Microphone" icon to unmute and speak.  When your question is answered, just mute and continue the class.

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Yogasala hk How to use the Zoom App for classes 
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