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Winnie Yu, YogasalaHK, Iyengar Yoga Teacher
Winnie Yu, YogasalaHK, Iyengar Yoga Teacher


Picking up yoga around 12 years ago, simply as a form of exercise to keep up my declining physical body. 


It was hard in the beginning, feeling extremely tired after each class with sore muscles aching for days before the next class. However, It didn’t take long to find the help in regaining my physical strength, with the bonus of elevating my well-being - I walked to class joyously, and walked out from class blissfully.


After practising for the initial years, I started to accept my limitations in my physical strength and bodily unalignment, and practise within those limitations, with satisfaction.  It was until the beginning of my Iyengar yoga journey.  Through the learning of Iyengar yoga made me realise my previous practice was solely within my habitual muscles engagement.  Learning continued and I became aware of the meaning of "yoga couldn’t be done with pure muscle exertion, in which we need connection between our mind and body".  It also made me aware of the illusion of my limitations, and with coaching by my mentor Ms. Icy Lee, I started to explore ways to tackle these 'limits'.


There’s no miracle, ageing does exist still, but making it less obvious or harmful is what I get from yoga practising.  My practice focuses on discovering or redefining the strength within the body.  I am happy to share this experience through asana practice in my class.


Winnie started her Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training by Ms Icy Lee in 2017, and obtained the Level 1 Teacher Certificate in 2022.

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