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Sandy Yip, YogasalaHK, Iyengar Yoga Teacher
Sandy Yip, YogasalaHK, Iyengar Yoga Teacher


Sandy started practicing Iyengar Yoga with Icy Lee in 2011. Upon completion of the 3-year Teacher's Training, Sandy received her Iyengar teacher certification in 2017. She is a full-time yoga teacher. Sandy is keen to deepen her learning, and she joined Geetaji's Yoganusasanam in India in 2014, as well as Abhijatas Iyengar workshop in Malaysia in 2016. She also completed the one-month training at Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) in 2018.


Guruji has mentioned, "Practice is that which has to be done uninterruptedly and persistently for a long time to build a firm foundation to reach the state of stability in the citti. The practice has to be like a farmer who tills the land, waters it, ploughs and removes the weeds before sowing the seeds and tends them carefully to get the finest harvest.


The yogic practitioner has to work like a farmer. He has to plough the body, remove the weeds which are in the form of fluctuations, affiliations and impediments like arrogance and carelessness that come in the way of practice. Yoga needs the quality of observance in day-to-day practice."


With her passion to teach, Sandy loves to share her experience of yogic farming with her students. Seeing her students grow from strength to strength motivates her to be a better teacher.

Yogasala HK Iyengar Yoga TeacherSandy Yip
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