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Olivia Lee, YogasalaHK, Iyengar Yoga Teacher
Olivia Lee, YogasalaHK, Iyengar Yoga Teacher


Olivia’s yoga journey started in 2006, and she has undergone different styles of yoga teacher training both in Hong Kong and India. Olivia started practicing Iyengar Yoga in 2010. She was instantly fascinated by Iyengar Yoga’s focus on the precision in bodily alignment, as well as by the vast body of knowledge embodied in its teaching in the areas of philosophy and spirituality. She came to realize how, in our practices, we have such a strong tendency to avoid our weaknesses and turn our back to our vulnerabilities. Yet, the use of props enables us to take a fresh and objective look at ourselves, after which adjustments can follow.  Through her yoga practice, Olivia has learned how our body is a reflection of our being.  The practice of yoga in the Iyengar way has taught her to learn with an open mind, through which to achieve bodily balance and, ultimately, the balance and tranquility in meeting our everyday challenges.

Yogasala HK Iyengar Yoga Teacher Olivia Lee
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