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 Irene Leung, YogasalaHK, Iyengar Yoga Teacher
Irene Leung, YogasalaHK, Iyengar Yoga Teacher


Irene started practising yoga in 2006, just like most people simply seeking physical health and benefits.  Initially she practised in group classes of some yoga centres until she met Iyengar Yoga at YOGAŚĀLĀ in 2016.  She felt like it was ‘Love at First Sight’, and this changed her yoga journey.

She finds Iyengar Yoga most inspiring to teach one how to practise and touch the innermost muscles of the body, which is different from other yoga teaching she has ever seen.  It is very subtle, with precision and thoroughness which she has to learn through practice, so as to gain experience and knowledge.

After a year learning with Ms Icy Lee, she decided to take the 3-year Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training Course by Ms Icy at YOGAŚĀLĀ in 2017, and gained her first teacher certificate in 2022. 

In leisure Irene likes swimming and hiking.  However, she feels that inner peace and tranquillity can only be found in yoga.  Through yoga, she found the real connection of her body and mind. 

Irene loves to share her passion with students, and she teaches with motivation and inspiration.  She loves to see her students making progress in their yoga practice, and finds encouragement, harmony and joy in seeing them smile at the end of each class.

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