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YogasalaHK, Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Icy Lee


Icy finds joy in teaching and helping students to awaken their untapped potential, through this ancient gift of yoga. This prompted her to give up a managerial role at a fitness centre, and to establish YOGAŚĀLĀ in 2009. At class, Icy guides her students to dive deep into the unknown, by studying the Iyengar approach to classical Hatha yoga in a systematic and methodical way. Students are drawn to Icy by her innate ability to personally connect with each of them, her perceptiveness in seeing to their individual needs, as well as her confident and attentive style of teaching which enables her students to walk their own paths in unleashing their potential to the fullest. 


Icy feels blessed to be a student of yoga under the guidance of Guruji, Sri B.K.S. Iyengar, and his family. She has been inspired not only by their profound yogic knowledge, but also how they lead by example to live in the yogic way. 


Icy is an Iyengar JI-3 certified teacher. She serves as an assessor on the Iyengar Yoga Assessment Committee of South East Asia. In 2011, Icy authored a book which introduces the art and practice of yoga to beginners. 

Yogasala HK Iyengar Yoga TeacherIcy Lee
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