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Yoga Basic This is a 60-min class specifically designed for beginners. This level emphasizes the basics of Yoga postures by concentrating on standing yoga poses, forward bends, twists & relaxation. It will help you to gain more flexibility, develop your sense of balance & reduce stress by introducing the skills to relax.

Yoga I This is a 90-min class for experienced beginners who have been continuously practicing Yoga continuously in the last 6 months. This level refines and consolidates the understanding of alignment & the effortless effort practiced in yoga basics that help you to build strength & stamina. Preparations for inversions, especially shoulder-stand, and basic backbends will be introduced to help develop confidence.

Yoga II This class is for those who have been practicing more than 1 year on a regular base of twice a week. More advanced poses will be introduced to help develop body awareness. Teachers will introduce the aid of equipment according to your ability, so that you can deepen the understanding of the essence of each yoga poses, which enhances our self-healing process within the body.

Yoga II-III For students with at least 2 years regular experience of Iyengar yoga who can maintain a stable head & shoulder balance for at least 5 minutes. This class requires a strong & mature understanding of Yoga practice & you are advised to discuss with our teacher whether this class is suitable to you.

Restorative Yoga This class is a continuous practice session to those who had have joined the 4-continuous Restorative Yoga sessions. Combining the supportive postures with conscious breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing the organs of the body to work to their maximum efficiency. In this way, Restorative Yoga rejuvenates and restores both the physical and mental body leaving you feeling renewed and energized for the rest of your day. We hold the 4-continuous Restorative Yoga sessions every 6 months, please contact us for enquiries.

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